Injection Training Videos

For nearly a decade, our team has been involved in every aspect of injection training. We have experience writing training content, coaching injectors for on-camera live demonstrations, choosing the right model to make the products and techniques shine, and everything in between. Our videographers have captured countless facial and body injections and are intimately familiar with creating the perfect shot to make the talent and the products shine.
Our Dallas-based studios are equipped with a full injection suite, however, we can come to your clinic or work with one of our partner studios across the country. When you collaborate with Aesthetic Next Productions, you can trust that our team has the expertise to create the highest quality training content, manage the onsite operations, and all at an affordable price point.

Additional Video Capabilities

In addition to filming injection videos, we also produce other aesthetic procedural videos. We have extensive knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment surrounding FDA-approved products and can work together in pre-production to ensure videos meet any manufacturer requirements for promotional review before filming begins.
Other examples of our live procedure videos: