Manufacturer Training

At Aesthetic Next Productions, we specialize in bringing informative, educational content showcasing your products and services to Practices and Providers around the country. Whether your production goals include testimonial videos, product demonstrations, commercials or training experiences, we work alongside your marketing, legal and compliance teams to create high quality content befitting of your brand. Our team can assist with selecting key opinion leaders, script writing, and location scouting in addition to a full suite of services specific to creating the final product. 

The top brands in the industry trust Aesthetic Next Productions to deliver content of all kinds. One key reason is our extensive knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment and experience writing medical training content reduces unnecessary  rounds of review and provides an additional layer of monitoring onsite. We’re well versed when it comes to on-label claims and the gamut of FDA regulations, and we can provide real-time corrections onsite to help reduce wasted time and money in post-production edits.